NFSS2U: Need For Speed Shift 2 Unleashed (PS3)

Need for speed has always been a house hold game for consoles such as the Sony Playstations. I myself am a PS3 person (hate as much as you want XBOX and PC GAMERS) but I’m not sure that the PS3 release of Shift 2 Unleashed is the best racing game out there today. So let’s see how it fares with the benchmark PS3 racing game – GT5.


NFSS2U - Let's Burn Some F*ckin' Tires

Okay, so I’m going to very forward with my review of Shift2 Unleashed. Although when Shift came out the first time on PS3 it got a lot of hype I’m not too sure this one will get more hype than the original. I played a few rounds last night at a friends house (so don’t take this review as an ultimate review, it’s just my first impressions of the game).

Don’t get me wrong I’m a huge NFS fan, but when it comes to PS3 you cannot beat GT5 (with Forza being a strong second in my opinion). The driving simulation in GT5 is just so much more advanced in my opinion. The cars…hereby referred to as the beasts from now on, just don’t handle as realistic as they do in GT5. You find at times making turns is a sluggish effort where after a few laps you’re just way too confused whether or not you need to get a PS3 steering wheel or stick to the controller.

The GT5 driving engine is not a simulator in any way (again in my opinion) but is far closer than that of NFSS2U. However, you do get access to a lot of awesome beasts in NFSS2U and the driving engine is not that bad. I have noticed that at times you get too much loss of control. You just don’t feel like there’s enough grip – no matter which car you drive (although I’ve only driven two of the basic cars available).

However, to my understanding my friend says that they have improved the multi-player feature and allowing XP to be earned both on and offline. Also, the tuning part of the game allows you to turn your beast into Godzilla…not bad huh?

The cars available in the game can be found by clicking here.

I don’t forecast this game overshadowing GT5, the loose handling kills it and the AI to me does not seem as intelligent as that of the GT5 AI. Though overall a great game to kill time to with a nice multi-player option that should theoretically keep you going for a while. But does it get the Jeremy Clarkson seal of approval?


Jeremy Clarkson - image taken from

That of course, I cannot answer, but I think if he’s a video game fan he will surely mention something soon. (This part was really just an excuse to post this awesome pic up).

I’d rate this game a 3.5 testosterone filled stars out of 5. I’m not easy to impress so 3.5 is not a bad score at all!

I’d recommend buying the game if you’re into racing games.

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