UFC 129: GSP Vs. Jake Shields

GSP Vs. Shields

Image Captured from UFC.com


Alright guys, It’s just about a month away. Yes, UFC is here and what else can be manlier than two men slugging it out…grappling…sweaty…and submitting each other…

Okay, that didn’t sound too manly so let’s add in a lot of blood, knock outs, tapping out and sexy ring girls between rounds…ahhh that’s more like it!

UFC 129 looks to be a great card with awesome fights. Hopefully it’s reality will live up to it’s reputation. I’m honestly a huge GSP fan (GSP and Rashad Evans are probably my fave UFC fighters). I know you all think GSP just takes em down and gathers points but it’s part of the game. It’s also a very difficult aspect of the game, and we all know he can hit and hit hard.

Anyways the following is the information regarding the card.

UFC 129: GSP Vs. Shields

Saturday, 30th of April 2011
9pm Eastern Time.

Main Event:
GSP Vs. Jake Shields

My prediction for other big/entertaining fights involved on the card…

Randy Couture Vs. Lyoto Machida
(Some people predict this to be more interesting of a fight than the main event)

Nate Diaz Vs. Rory Macdonald
(Watch out, I predict this to be one of the top 5 fights of the night).

Aldo Vs. Hominik

Bocek Vs. Henderson

Matyushenko Vs. Brilz

For more information on the event check out:

http://www.ufc.com/event/UFC129#/fight or click here

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