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As you all know, I’m big on cigars. I love my full flavoured cigars and I don’t care if people around me can’t stand the smell. I’m constantly being told off at coffee shops or similar public places such as restaurants for the smell of my cigar. I’m not sorry but I’d like to justify it and give you guys some advice on cigar smoking/buying in Kuwait.

No matter how strong it may smell, I live on a daily basis where cigarette smokers and shisha smokers dominate indoor and outdoor smoking areas (which in Kuwait seems to be pretty much everywhere). If they get the luxury to do so (and let’s ignore that I smoke cigarettes as well) I believe that I may at least get the luxury of smoking my cigar outdoors and enjoying it.

However, you’ll always run into the people that confront you about the cigar. I respect these people because they confront you, but then again you will all soon enough find out that I’m very straight forward and I explain to them…I’m sorry but if it bothers you that much please relocate to a further seating from me or go sit inside. This comment usually sparks the but I smoke and it’s crowded out here, there’s no where else to sit. Then I go ahead and tell them I’m sorry but it’s a smoking area and it does not specify whether cigars are allowed or not.

You’ll always find the ocassional hypocritical jackass that will go on and on until you either rip your hair out (which I don’t have any so I’m stuck with option two) or leave you tempted to punch his face in.

The other kind of person you’ll meet is the one that does not confront you (which I hate) but sits there behind you making weird noises and fake coughs trying to hint to you to turn off your cigar or move. I just tend to blow more cigar smoke her/his way.

Anyways, now that’s out of the way let’s talk about where you can buy cigars. I personally would say there are three main places in Kuwait where you can buy a cigar. However, be careful of the kind of cigar you buy because at the end of the day if you don’t know whether you’re a light cigar smoker, medium flavour or heavy flavour cigar smoker then you’re probably going to dislike the experience. Also figure out all the necessary materials required to smoke a cigar (cutter, cigar ashtray – most normal ashtrays tend to ruin the experience and sometimes the cigar, cigar cases and etc…). For all this information please browse the following website (CLICK HERE).

Okay so where to buy your cigars in Kuwait?

There are four main places in which you can go buy cigars in Kuwait (if any of you find anymore, please let me know).


The Big Smoke

Big Smoke - Omniya Center (Ibis Hotel)

  1. Big Smoke (Ibis Hotel, Omniya Center – Just opposite of Fanar). (Click here for link)
  2. Davidoff Cigarette/Cigar Outlets
  3. The Lounge Cafe
  4. Sultan Center

Out of these places I would recommend the first two, mainly for their variety and ability to store their cigars (keep them more intact with humidors etc…)

However, the issue is where can you go to smoke your cigars? To be honest, I know of one CIGAR cafe in Kuwait which is the lounge (there’s a branch in marina mall, as well as the bida3 area – I assume there are many more branches around Kuwait). However, apart from that I don’t know any dedicated cafe to smoking your cigars.

That doesn’t stop me though, I like to smoke my cigars – especially during the winter at the Hilton in Mangaf, outside on the shisha place by the sand (forgot the name :S).

I would also recommend trying out the living room lounge, beneath maki at marina waves. They have great outdoor seating for the winter time (and the current weather which is still nice but getting warmer by the day).

On that note I’ll sign off but guys remember one thing. A cigar is not just a luxury…it’s a lifestyle…it’s a symbol of success, power, and taste all rolled into one. So if you smoke a cigar, please don’t let the rest of us cigar smokers down. Carry yourself well, and let people know that you’re not some kid posing around with a cigar.

Best Regards,



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  1. I actually just moved back to Kuwait. I have been living in the US for some time. I’ve always enjoyed the occasional cigar but I’ve been smoking one day as of more recently. I’ve been trying to find a place to get cigars but have had no luck. I’m going to stop by Big Smoke soon. I assume that the tobacco center store in Marina is the Davidoff store you listed under #2. If so, they had a terrible collection and highly inflated prices. Nevertheless, I appreciate the info you posted. Even if its over a year old.

  2. In The Visitor Locations such as in the airport, Hilton, and SAS they sell cigars and accessories as well. Not sure about the types that are available but worth checking out

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