I stumbled onto this website a few days ago via a friend. This website if you don’t know already carries out an awesome idea. I’m so happy to see such an awesome website that delivers to Kuwait (I believe they’re based in Kuwait as well which means lesser shipping/delivery cost).

To find out more you’re going to have to read the following… is a website that provides people with daily deals. This website basically buy a certain amount of goods to sell every day and each day these goods go out on a deal. Each day offers a different good. It starts from midnight all the way to 11:59pm that same day. Once it hits midnight again a new good is offered for a great deal.

Today’s good for example is a 500mb hard-drive. The website will offer the specs and features of good they’re selling everyday below the image provided on the website.

They take KNET, mastercard and visa to my understanding. I’m not exactly sure how the delivery works but I know it’s with DHL. Whether they have their goods inside or outside of Kuwait is another story. However, I’m pretty sure they have the goods residing in Kuwait (don’t take my word for it, go to their website and browse around for that info – if you can’t find the information then send an e-mail and ask or check their FAQ).

Click here to be redirected to their webpage. Check it out for a week or two and if you like something you see, can afford, and think it’s a good deal then go a buy it. Sometimes the goods sell out before midnight so be careful. Always check their stock countdown on the right side next to the good being shown.

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