Review: iPad2 – 64GB


iPad2 Rear View

iPad 2 64GB - click image to enlarge

So I recently got my hands on the iPad 2 (64GB) on an awesome deal.

Though the question is after using the iPad 1 and iPad 2…what are my initial thoughts?


Well honestly…there’s not much difference. It’s like the difference between an iPhone4 and an iPhone 3gs. Sure the iPhone4 is better, but is it so much better?

Unless you are a constant user of the iPad and do more than just games/youtube videos then upgrading to the iPad 2 would be a great deal. It’s faster so you can carry all your games, browse youtube, store your tunes, and also use it for work.

I know a guy who used to have the original iPad and he used to use it for more than just games. He had his whole personal aspect of it (games, music, pics etc…) but he also had catalogues in which he used at work to show clients instead of having to take them to the computer or random flyers. By having his iPad on him and handy at any time…whether dealing with customers at work, potential customers at unknown times (we working people always know when we meet a potential customer through a friend at the most random times such as at a coffee shop) or just for personal use. He had his iPad ready.

However, with all the data and stuff he had going on it, it sometimes made life difficult for him.  It’s embarassing when you’re showing a client some pdfs and the iPad goes haywire. In that sense I’d recommend the iPad2 with it’s upgraded speed.

The two camera aspect for facetime is great. From what I understand the screens for both iPads look identical considering clarity.

If you’re only wanting the iPad for music and pictures n what not I don’t recommend going for the iPad2 – ofcourse unless you need the facetime…though I’d just recommend sticking to the iPhone4 considering it’s more mobile.

So what’s my final verdict? Well hands down I’ll say it’s a great fun device. It’s just like having a large iPhone on ya at all times. However, is it truly needed?

That’s for you to decide, and as it’s a hefty investment I’d recommend you think about it twice before you buy it. Not tryin to hurt the product but I’m just sayin’ that we need to start thinking twice before we run out and spend all our money on things. However, at the end of the day if you like the damn thing and can afford it and feel the desire to own it…get it!

I personally gave this off as a gift since I got it for an amazing price. I personally am happy with my iPhone4, and could never be bothered to carry an iPad with me (or else I probably would have got an extra one for me or kept this one lol). Awesome device.

My personal rating is 4/5. Regardless of it’s lack of serious upgrades, it’s still major fun and the facetime on a screen that large is even better than skyping over webcam or your iPhone!

Best Regards,



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