UFC’s TUF 13: The Ultimate Fighter 13 – Team Lesnar Vs. Team Dos Santos


The Ultimate Fighter: Season 13

Team Lesnar Vs. Team Dos Santos

It’s back…and it’s bigger than ever.

Arguably the two biggest coaches to ever enter the Ultimate Fighter series.

Team Brock Lesnar takes on Team Junior Dos Santos…and it premiers tonight…

Read this post to find out more info such as what time and channel you can watch it on here in Kuwait…

Okay guys, so this season kicks off tonight and we can expect all sorts of mayhem from these two. Lesnar especially, since we all know he’s got a knack for causing drama. With Lesnar no longer being the UFC Heavyweight champion – he’s shifted into coaching this seasons ultimate fighter 13. However, don’t write him off as he’s planning a swift come back to regaining his title.

The image below should offer all the information necessary for those of you in Kuwait who wish to watch the first episode of season 13 which kicks off tonight!

If you don’t live in Kuwait and want to catch this first episode – Spike TV is always a good bet and it’s at 9pm(KSA – +3 GMT).

Details from the OSN Arabia Tv Guide

Best Regards,

– Kiru


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  1. P.S. – Guys KSA and Kuwait time are identical. So 9PM KSA means 9PM Kuwait time. 🙂

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