Facebook: The Don’t Of Profile Pics

Just Don't Do It...

The following post lists what you should not do when taking a profile pic for your facebook profile

  1. The “I’m Rich” Photo.
    No one cares about how much money you have, so don’t take a picture of you holding wads of cash. If you have money and want people to know do it through action and lifestyle…not through photography.
  2. The “Shirtless Hunk”.
    It is never acceptable to be half naked in your profile unless the picture is of you at a beach, swimming pool or anything relevant to having a shirt off… and no… no one sits shirtless and flexing their steroid induced body whilst standing in their room… if you do this naturally then you are in need of serious help.
  3. The “Mirror Shot”.
    I don’t know when this ever became popular but your photo should never be a snapshot of you through a mirror. Get a friend, a family member or anyone really to snap the photo of you. The mirror shot is basically telling the world that you have no friends and that you’re confined to your own space. (The iphone4 front camera can create an illusion that someone actually took the photo of you, I recommend you invest in one).
  4. The “Overly-Flexed” shot.
    Despite popular belief, people can tell when you are flexing too hard for a pic. Just don’t do it…you have the beach to show off your guns.
  5. The “Slogan” shot.
    Never…never…hold up a piece of paper saying ❤ “insert g/fs name here” or anything of that sort…it’s just ridiculous. You’re a man so start acting like it!
  6. Indoor Sunglasses
    Ok. I think this one is self explanatory. You’re an idiot if you need sunglasses indoors.
  7. Drugs/Alcohol Shot
    No one wants to see you flaunting narcotics or alcohol. Sure if the pic is of you in a club, it can be acceptable. However, sitting at home holding a beer and a joint is no way to look cool for a profile pic. This obviously applies for people in countries where this stuff is legal or decriminalized (Holland, Canada etc…) .
  8. “The Shitter”
    This is the bathroom shot. I dubbed it the shitter cause it’s probably one of the shittiest ideas. God save your soul if you forgot to flush and it shows in your photo. Furthermore, no one cares for what your bathroom looks like…and the real question is, why are you taking a photo in the bloody bathroom?
  9. The “MJ” pose
    No one wants to see you grab your crotch…despite whatever you may believe.
  10. Photoshopped
    Save yourself the embarassment. Unless you’re a professional graphics designer, you cannot pull off a photoshopped picture of yourself without it being obvious.


I’m going to end the list there. If you have any other comments regarding what you shouldn’t do for a profile pic – leave us a comment and let us know.

Best Regards

– Kiru


Posted on April 3, 2011, in Entertainment, Humor, Kiru. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. So True, i couldn’t have said it better

  2. Thanks for droppin’ us a comment! Yeah, there were many more but these were the top ten that tends to fire up people, yet they still do them. Oh well, we can only try and clean up the world…one profile page at a time. 🙂

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