Review: Strictly Private by Baldessarini

As you may or may have not known, I like to have a wide variety of colognes. Several for the professional (business), several for casual (friends), several for personal (dates) and several for home. I tend to stick to one fragrance per occasional despite having several brands at home. Though I tend to stick with one for most of the time unless I feel like changing it up.

So I decided about a month ago to pick up fragrance by Baldessarini called Strictly Private for professional purposes and I must admit…

I was not at all disappointed…I’m even guilty of sometimes using it for personal usage (when I go out on dates).


The Whole Package

I purchased mine from Va-Va-Voom in Marina Mall. I believe the price for the 90ml bottle was 23.7 KD (Don’t hold me to my word, I don’t remember the price but it was around that range).

The only reason I’m posting about this cologne is because I find it absolutely stunning! Very strong smell which only requires 2-3 sprays. The smell is magnificent, sort of a strong mix of rugged musk and sweetness. Definitely a “playboys” perfume. When used after a steaming hot shower, in combination with a nice subtle scented body soap, the result is captivating. I’m not sure of the ingredients but there is a hint of basil and juniper berries that is quite obvious to those who are experienced with cologne fragrances.

I’d rate this one a 4/5 and definitely a fragrance to add to your collection. Don’t smell the perfume when testing in shops like VaVaVoom by spraying it on the test paper and smelling. Spray it on your wrist, let your hand dry a little and take a sniff.

If you guys get the chance: go test it at VaVaVoom, drop a comment and let me know what you guys think. If any women are reading this post, let us know what you think of the fragrance by dropping a comment.

Best Regards,

– Kiru.


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