Setting The Record Straight

I’ve received a few angry e-mails from women regarding this blog. Well I wouldn’t say angry but concerned e-mails.


Confused Much?

I would just like to use this blog post to set the record straight so to speak and clear up some confusion…

Several e-mails have come in from women concerned about the content of this website. Some have said that this is unfair and that by supplying information as I have and possible future information that I’m giving men more reason to approach them.

Listen, I’m not going to sit here and fool you and say that one of my goals out of this blog (especially the women 101 posts) is not to give advice to men on how to approach women.

However, my advice is based upon my experiences and others who have experience in this department. My advice is also based upon women’s perspectives (yes, despite popular belief I do talk to women about this in order to help my research in what I write).

I do believe I’m doing women a service as much as I am doing men a service. Firstly, regarding my disclaimer, I do not take responsibility as to the actions that happen due to taking my advice. Like I said this blog is for entertainment purposes and to explain my experiences as well as others on matters regarding male lifestyle (and accordingly women 101 posts).

I also do not encourage men to take my advice out of context. To ease female concerns, I do not encourage rape or any of this sort of forceful/violent acts. I do not encourage disrespect either. I encourage friendly methods and advice that is actually meant to increase one’s self confidence. I also do NOT mention that I encourage men to take a no as a yes, nor do I encourage such a mind set. If you are turned down, it’s part of life and I mentioned before a huge majority of women may not be interested so take rejection positively and not negatively.

Ultimately, apart from lifestyle this blog is really about self help. In more than aspects of building confidence to approach a woman and befriend her. This advice can be rearranged into context for dealing with family, friends, and business. This is because I feel if I can help men feel better about themselves and increase their confidence, their life in general will become richer and fuller. Stuff like body language and self-realization can really help and doesn’t necessarily need to only be applied to making friends with women.

This blog is supposed to be fun, if you do not take it that way then please do not read the MANTV posts.

I also believe that by bettering the way men think about approaching and dealing with women, I am servicing the female gender. This is because if more men take rejection positively and understand that it’s a huge part of “the game” (as I said before most women will not be interested in meeting a guy – I think the figure was something like 1 out of 10 women will be interested in meeting someone or of available status to meet someone).

Women, would you not rather have a guy be able to understand your mind set better? To be able to take a hint whether or not to approach you for a quick session of chit chat? Would you not like a guy to know that looks are not the only thing that is important? Wouldn’t you like a guy to realize that not every woman will be interested in him? Would you not like a guy (a potential or current boyfriend/fiancée/husband) to better himself for you in every possible aspect?

I just think that my goal is to improve social life in Kuwait. It doesn’t have anything to do with sex. I actually do not want to give advice to men on how to obtain sex so don’t get me wrong, this is not at all the goal of this blog nor will it be mentioned even once. I just want to be able to give advice that may contribute to a friendly social life in Kuwait and to people around the world. Not everything to do with a woman is to hook her up or get her into bed. I believe by bettering people’s views on social standards and etiquette that relationships between men and women will benefit. Whether it’s dating, or marriage or friendship. We here at MANTV realize that the most important aspect of social life is communication and the way we present ourselves. This is what all our women 101 blog posts are trying to promote. How to better the communication and presentation between men and women.

If this blog post has not cleared these concerns, please – re-read the disclaimer that is posted on the side of the blog or on the top menu – click on the disclaimer and read it.

Better yet… here it is posted below…

This blog may contain information that may be considered sensitive with regards to language or content. Adult images will not be placed on this website (such as pornography) – However, we cannot promise the limitation against recurring images of hot women materialized as trophy prizes. This blog has been created as a medium for men to discuss or express their own thoughts. The bloggers in this website are in no way responsible for people taking advice and finding out that it may or may not work. The consequences are purely to the person who attempts to use this advice. We would like you to exit this website if you are not at least 18 years of age. The bloggers of this blog are not responsible for people mis-using advice or information given on this website and that it is purely a blog for discussion, exchange of ideas, and entertainment.

All reviews are based upon experience with the product or whatever is being reviewed and is no way, shape or form a true interpretation of all of these products or the company. No slander is intended. Just a sharing of experience and thoughts. Therefore no company or person may hold a blogger from MANTV responsible for their thoughts on their goods or services.

Thank you for understanding…oh and there will be profanity, so if you don’t like that – you can leave the blog :).

If you do not not agree with the above terms, conditions, or information about how the website/blog is run, then please leave this website. Consider staying on this website as an agreement to the above terms. Again, if you do not like or agree with the aforementioned information and terms then please exit this blog/website.

Best Regards,



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