Women 101: The Female Perspective

Gents, I’ve stumbled on to this video on youtube…

David DeAngelo, the author of “double your dating” and a great success in the world of male self help (regarding the world of dating). However, his work does not only help us men with women but in other aspects of life. His work is generally applicable to our every day lives (confidence/self-esteem, body language  etc…).


David DeAngelo - Double Your Dating

The video within this blog post is in my opinion vital advice for men struggling with women. It may answer alot of questions or issues that men didn’t even realize is wrong with “their game”. Continue reading to find out more and get access to this video.

In this video he interviews what he calls the Wing Girls. These women give their insight on the female perspective to “the game” and what men should do to succeed. It’s about 8 minutes and not fully in depth. However, some of the information is great advice and I recommend you guys have a listen to it.

If any women are reading/watching, let us know what you think of what was said in the video. Give us some insight on the general accuracy of the video.

Best Regards,

– Kiru


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