Guitar Hero Vs. Real Guitar


You thought this game was tough?

Alright guys, so I actually did not start playing guitar hero until my friend bought it for me a year or so ago on my birthday. I gave it a shot and really did enjoy playing it (no matter how sad I felt standing there with a stupid plastic guitar hitting buttons).

Though I’m not sure some of you will want to read the rest of this post…

I say this because I am an actual musician and it feels silly at times failing to play songs on guitar hero that I can play perfectly on a real guitar (real musicians who played guitar hero will know exactly what I mean). It’s not that it’s harder, it’s just when you play the real guitar it’s totally different world. The fact that guitar hero is so simple makes it difficult for people who are programmed to play real guitar, especially music that is considered challenging.

Though I will say, the learning curve on guitar hero is much easier and faster for us musicians. It’s all about getting a feel for the game really which takes much less if you understand the basics of guitar and music.

Anyways, I got to a level where I had trouble beating on the hardest mode which is… yes… through the fire and flames by dragonforce. Then I thought to myself, finally am I going to play a song that I may pull off on guitar hero but have never pulled off in real life? [Never did eventually finish it on guitar hero either haha…at that point I got more involved in call of duty and back to play real guitar].


No...that kid is not me...

I don’t think many people realize how much harder it is to play this kind of music on real guitars rather than guitar pro. So I did some sniffing around youtube and found not only a video of a guy playing the song in full on guitar. However, playing on EVERY instrument!

Hope you guys enjoy it and realize how much appreciation needs to be put fourth towards guitar players and musicians in general (of all genres) for their ability to compose, write, and record these awesome tracks that we all come to love today.

The video is posted below… [I’d recommend full screening this].


EDIT: I’ve also found this video on youtube of Herman Lee (dragonforce guitarist) discussing their popularity and relationship between dragonforce and guitar hero…Related to the video and thought you guys might like watching that as well.

Best Regards,

– Kiru


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