Great Film Moments: “Staving Off Obsolescence”

This is another great moment in the history of hollywood. Not many of you will actually know of this movie but this scene is absolutely brilliant, a definition of how an alpha-male can function and the best part is that he’s an average joe…just like you and I.

This scene is from the movie Roger Dodger. Roger Swanson (Campbell Scott) is in this scene arguing amongst his co-workers/friends and boss. I actually stumbled upon this video whilst looking at some PUA stuff on youtube. David DeAngelo (king of PUA) recommended to watch this video. I legally purchased the movie online and sat down and watched the whole thing (in reality I went straight to youtube and looked up the scenes he was talking about).

This scene shows Roger completely dominating the conversation. If you’d like a full indepth analysis of what he’s doing look up “David DeAngelo” and “Alpha Male” on youtube. You’ll find it somewhere.

Well anyways, pay attention to how he dominates and controls the whole conversation with his intellect and sly ability to stay cool amongst the discussion.

Best Regards,

– Kiru


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