Song of the Day


Song of the Day

Today, the world of rap music has finally hit our song of the day list.

Follow the link and read this entry to find out today’s song of the day.

Alright guys, I’ll declare my ever lasting obsession with Lupe Fiasco. He has to be my favourite rap/hip-hop artist out there. I was introduced to his music about a year or two ago through a friend.

This song is off his new album Lasers and features Skylar Grey (same girl from the Eminem song – I need a Doctor).

Song of the Day:

Lupe Fiasco featuring Skylar Grey – The Words I Never Said

I think Lupe hits the hearts of many with his music, tackling real topics from terrorism, to politics, to love, to whatever you can think of really.

My hats off to Lupe for being so true to the world and tackling more than just the average “my bitches, cars, drugs, booze and hos” that we hear everyday on the radios.

Best Regards,

– Kiru


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