Workout: GSP (George Saint Pierre) RUSHFIT



Ever wondered how hard it was to actually get your body looking like GSP? Ever had the desire to have an unrivaled beach body that wasn’t too big but wasn’t too small? So well defined that you could grate cheese on your abs? Well the answers on how to get your body looking like GSPs body is right here. Read the rest of the entry to view the RUSHFIT workout from GSP and read into the details.

“Want to be a champion? You need to train like one” – George Saint Pierre

GSP brings you his 8 week training program, right into your home. It’s now possible for you to train with the great MMA champion right from the comfort of your own home. I’ve just made my order on this DVD box set and I can’t wait. You may not or may know that I’m a huge gym freak. I used to be in the gym for 2 years straight. Then…due to injuries, university exams, family issues and now work, so I began to slack off gym and only keep my football as my source of exercise. Which is no justification but sadly true. I decided to get myself back into the gym after being out of it for about 9 months. I feel flabby, I still maintained my shape but my definition and muscle mass is gone. I’m extremely against steroids and such illegal substances because I feel it only cheats you into health issues and a quick answer (which isn’t a challenge at all).

So I’m giving all of you fitness freaks and gym freaks a great answer on how to keep your body in shape and looking great without these illegal substances (steroids, growth hormones, and so on).

With GSPs RUSHFIT you’ll mainly be working on circuit training exercises and intense cardio/weight training. You can purchase this dvdboxset off .

Remember this work out needs to be done with confidence, determination, and a great diet. If you fail on you’re diet you’ve already failed on 50% of this workout. If you are able to set up a great diet it will provide you with the energy to fulfill this work out and the nutrients your body/muscles need in order to benefit from this workout.

The video below is a promo of the GSP RUSHFIT work out. Hope you guys enjoy…and please, stay away from the roids…roids are for pussies.

Best Regards,

– Kiru


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  1. Great workouts on the Rushfit program. My favorite is the Explosive Power dvd.

  2. Inspiring information on improving my athletic performance!

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