Women 101: DHV

Demonstrating Higher Value

Gentlemen, this is a concept that both men and women use in the game of attraction. This post will be short and brief, it just explains the concept and will illuminate an example or two of when to use this technique.

Read on to discover the Demonstration of Higher Value (DHV).

This technique, or concept rather is known as the Demonstration of Higher Value or from now on referred to as DHV.

The MANTV definition of DHV is:

The act of a verbal or non verbal scenario, story or scene that is used to increase the value of the man in front of the woman’s eyes (or perspective rather). Vice Versa for women using this concept on men.

YOU MUST NOTE! DHV is not the same as bragging or showing off!

Let’s give you some examples in which DHV can be used. We will start with a professional view of DHV that can be used between colleagues at work (male to male, female to male, male to female, female to female…you get the drift).

If I am the new guy at the office, and I know I am intelligent. I do not need to argue with people to show that I am more intelligent or smarter. I may simply display my university certificate and honors up on my wall. So what’s more powerful? Needlessly arguing with someone trying to gain dominance or when someone walks into my office and sees all my great credentials? The arguing will give you the rep of being a total asshole who likes to argue (although it could work in your favor) but the credentials will create the rep of – wow this guy is really something.

Now, DHV in the world of attraction can be done through many different ways (and as in other aspects of DHV it can be verbal or non-verbal).

You guys probably know what I’m getting to as we all do it occasionally or don’t really term this concept but I’m going to go ahead and provide a few examples where it can be used efficiently to create attraction or intrigue.

Non-Verbal DHV can be the simplest things such as leading the lady into the room by slightly toucher her lower back (NOT THE ASS….please don’t cup a feel). This demonstrates that you’re a gentleman, and a slight touch such as that sends the message of attraction but leaves room for doubt. You’re demonstration (KEY WORD DEMONSTRATING) two messages here…attraction and that you’re a gentleman. Now, they can be taken together or as a mind-fuck. Women tend to over think things so they may be thinking oh my is he a gentleman or was that him trying make a move on me?

Either way, if you do it in a sly with with good body language. You’re a winner.

There are many other non verbal methods of DHV which can constitute body language and confidence.

Verbal forms of DHV are usually either in your choice of words (using dominant words and being decisive). We all read books, and if not I suggest you do. This is because when reading a book you will start to notice specific word choices and combinations. You need to be able to decipher just how powerful one word can be.

“I’ll pick you up at 8, don’t be late” and “I admire punctuality, I’ll pick you up at 8” are essentially the same line…but which one is stronger?  Obviously, the second. You’re choice of you admiring punctuality gives off more of an idea of who you are than. Don’t be late could mean “I don’t like waiting” or “I want to see you real bad” that may portray you in a more negative way (you laugh now but it’s true, women will subconsciously analyze it that way). Saying you admire punctuality, shows that you have respect for those who have time management skills.

A good friend of mine used to actually use DHV to his advantage whilst on a date. He used to sit back and relax, lock eye contact most of the time with her. He would never break eye contact if he initiated it. Showing dominance and that he has no fear. Of course don’t do this by staring at her aimlessly. The eyes are the gateway to the soul, so don’t show a perverted stalker kid. Show that you’re a man that is here to have fun and get to know her better.

If he was with a girl he was attracted to but felt that she didn’t have the same feelings towards her. He’d play a negative scenario to increase his DHV. For example, he’d look at his phone and then smile and put it back down. When the girl asked what that was about he’d say “it’s nothing, just some girl I’m seeing”. Women want what they can’t have and he uses this theory to his advantage. By demonstrating that he has other women in his life increases his value.

Other methods can be surrounding yourself by attractive females. You ever notice why you always get hit on or eyed at when you’re with your girlfriend but when you’re alone you’re in the shadows? This is because of two things. You body language emits a totally different message and secondly you have increased your value by demonstrating that you’re with an attractive woman (or a woman for that matter – beauty is in the eye of the beholder). Well, maybe a third reason as well – because of the increased value in demonstrating your friendship or relations with a another woman, the woman will think of you in a more positive perspective as she will think “that woman sees something of value in that man” and let’s face it. The rule of thumb is generally true, women whether it’s consciously or subconsciously want what they can’t have.

Well that’s DHV in a nutshell. Remember, don’t directly brag. Let your worth increase by your demonstrating it. This will mean you will actually have to increase your worth. Then let it ooze out, don’t brag it. People will find out sooner or later. Whether they run into it or it jumps out in conversation or emits from your body language, the end result will benefit you. This is because even if she doesn’t realize the DHV, you realize that you have increased your value and that will make your life a lot more beneficial. Well I guess this post was kinda long but what the hell, why not?

Best Regards,

– Kiru


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