Women 101: The Cube Game

The Cube

Alright ladies and gents, I’ve been e-mailed by a gentleman who asked the following question via e-mail:

I seem to have problems with keeping the conversation interesting. I’m tired of the same old questions such as how are you, how’s work, what you been up to and so on. I feel I need to be creative because there’s this girl I just met not too long ago and I want to impress her. I want her to know I’m intelligent but also not a nerd (basically that I’m a fun smart guy). Any tips on conversations?

– Anonymous

Well if you have the same problem as this gentleman then read on, this game is interesting especially with women you don’t know too personally and it should create a nice little spark.

Firstly, let’s stop and realize that this gentleman who e-mailed me is right. Yes, women want you to ask how their day was and what not but it’s not something you want to build a whole conversation about if you want to spark attraction.

To gain her interest, you must be interesting. This game is called “The Cube”. It’s a fun little game that tends to work (I’ve tried it 3 times and 2 out of three the woman has told me that it was pretty much accurate whilst the third told me it was 50/50).

This game is not going to be 100% right everytime or anytime for that matter but the fact that you can use this game to make conversation interesting does a whole lot more than the same old daily conversation we all get bored with.

If you fail don’t worry, laugh about it and accuse her of lying (in a joking manner of course) and continue conversation with a topic regarding conversation or such. If you impress and she feels like you just read her with five basic pieces of information then go on and have fun with the conversation. Either way, this game is fun for both parties.

Before I explain the game, take a look at this video of Neil Strauss playing the cube game and then I’ll go into more detail.

Now that you’ve watched the game in action, you have to realize that this game mainly depends on how you can interpret a persons body language (and whatever else you may know about them) along with their answers.

Personally, I differ and I ask the girl to tell me where she imagines herself in instead of telling her imagine a white room. I say something like…

“Imagine and landscape…any landscape or room, what does it look like? Where is it?”

Usually I get, at the beach or in “my room”. This information will help deduce an introduction into her personality. Beach usually gives off the idea that she likes to have fun and be out. This to me will give me a nice segway for my understanding of the girl.

The Cube represents the woman, so along with what you notice or may know of her take note that the cube size, placement, colour, shape, opacity n such information can be used to your advantage in assessing.

  • The bigger the cube, the bigger she feels (could be ego, could be self confidence – have fun with the interpretation).
  • The smaller the cube the more insecure or pushed away from society she feels.
  • The colour can be any interpretation, red could show anger issues or romance – link it to emotions. Gold cube could mean that she feels that she is of high value.
  • Transparent cubes can resemble that she feels like she is in tune with herself. That she doesn’t do differ personalities for differ people. She sees herself as a YSWYG (you see what you get).
  • Floating cube may mean that she is imaginative or unrealistic with her views of life (over ambitious maybe?)
  • Grounded cube means she’s down to earth and realistic.

I think you get the idea right? Have fun with it. Now next, the asking of the ladder.

There are many interpretations of what the ladder is. I like to go with the interpretation that ladder could mean one of two things depending on how you view the woman. It could be her career or her friends.

If she seems very career orientated then stick with that interpretation if not then go with friends/family. I recommended you stick with career or goal orientated interpretation because the next step which is flowers is what i generally tend to use for friends/family (in other words social).

  • The bigger the ladder the higher her goals and standards.
  • The smaller the ladder, the more settle she is with life or the smaller her goals may seem.
  • Note where the ladder is. If it is closer to her, her goals seem to be achievable to her (as if the cube – or her, can climb the ladder).
  • The further the ladder, the further away the goals/aspirations are from her.
  • How many footpaths are on the ladder? (or whatever u call the things u step on to go up the ladder – I usually call ledges or footpaths) . If it is a large number, then it seems that she takes baby steps in achieving her goals and aspirations. If it’s a big ladder with like 5 steps, then she is impatient and wants to jump to her goals and aspirations faster.

These are just generalizations and interpretations, how you interpret it to her depends solely on your interpretation.

  • The more flowers there are, the more social she sees herself to be.
  • The the location of the flowers will make a difference. In the box means family and friends are close to her heart. Around the box could mean that she is close to them but has a barrier in which she feels she needs to hold for her own safety.
  • The colours of the flowers and types can also lead to interpretation. Roses could signify that she feels there is alot of romance or desire from or to her friends. You get the idea, do some research on what flowers may mean and try to use that to your advantage.

I think you get the drift.

Next we look at the Horse. The horse is the ideal lover, or how she sees her ideal lover to be like.

Ask questions like what kind of horse, the size of the horse, the colour of the horse, and the kind of maine the horse has. Now don’t get any bright ideas … (don’t ask personal horse questions).

  • The bigger the horse the more muscular or big the man she likes. For example, tall muscular horse that towers over the cube. She generally tends to like taller men – she likes em lean and fit. This could be an interpretation.
  • The darker the colour, the darker she likes her men. Don’t say at the end I can tell you like black men if she said a black horse. That would be wrong and stupid. Say she likes dark skinned men if she said a black horse.
  • Note the maine colour and kind. This could give some insight into the smaller things. If she mentions something like “Dark brown horse, with a white maine that is long and sliky” then you can deduce an assumption such as “you like dark men with unique features such as light eyes or hair that is well taken care of”. Again, be creative just try to keep it general.

Next we’ll look at the final aspect of this game, the storm.

The storm is the personification of problems, issues, dilemmas or barriers in her life.

  • Calm winds and little rain signifies that she has the occasional problem but tends to stay calm through it.
  • Lightning storms may signify that she gets angry and has a temper.
  • No storm could mean she’s generally a positive person that has an attitude of “nothing can bother me”.
  • Snowstorm can signify that she’s unpredictable, not easily angered but when she is she can cover you in snow so to speak.

Again, have fun with it and interpret her answers the way you see fit. The above mentioned guidelines are just tips and different ways I interpret the answers.


  1. Do not by any means try to specifically pin point an interpretation into a specific moment or trait. For example do not say because you like black horses you like black men.
  2. This game is supposed to be fun so treat it as fun.
  3. Do not stay positive all the time. By saying that I mean tell her some negative aspects of herself in the interpretation (not too many, maybe 2 or 3 things but pull them off in a funny and cocky way). For example, if she states she has a large cube floating around the landscape or room then tell her that it means she’s egotistical and full of herself, but only because she has achieved alot of her goals and values herself as a highly creative and strong personality in her own life. Be creative with it.
  4. Do not interpret her answers as you ask. Wait till she answers all your questions, play the mystery card by giving her a few looks and thinking about her answers and then hit her back with the answers.
  5. Explain to her before starting the game what you’ll do, but don’t give away the game. Just say “I got a little psychology game that we can play but be careful it usually works and we may learn more about you in this game than you may even already know about yourself.” or something of that sort.
  6. Don’t rush your interpretations, take your time. Women don’t like to hear men try to speak at their insane speech levels. They can talk fast because they can process things faster in real time. Plus, have you ever met an alpha male who could talk super fast and still look composed? Just don’t be so slow that you sound like a robot.
  7. Finally, ENJOY IT! Don’t expect to get it right everytime, and even if you’re wrong she’ll give you immense credit for trying this. I’m sure she’ll probably tell you that she’s never played this game and that it was original and fun. It helps you learn more about her (because what you do get wrong, she will explain later – women looooove justifying).
This is one of the many conversational games you can play. Don’t always play these games, you’ve gotta learn to be original in general conversation but it’s nice to pull these little games out of the bag every now and then to get her interest and create attraction. Worst case scenario, you’ve impressed her. Don’t play this game with the mind set that you wanna get into her pants because women can sense it. Remember, just be yourself – composed and with the right mentality (friendly – not to be a friend, but to be friendly). Everything else will fall into place depending on how you are. Not everyone will be attracted to you so know that, and just treat her like you treat one of the boys (except less swearing, dick, and fart jokes).
Hope you guys enjoyed this, and I hope this gave Mr. Anonymous a nice way to spice up converstaion.
Best Regards,
– Kiru

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