All I Do Online (AIDO): Middle East Amazon?

An interesting website that has been going for the past 2-3 years which I assume not many of you know about. This website is based in Dubai, but deliver to the whole middle east. I feel it’s somewhat like Amazon in the sense that it’s main deliverables are movies and books.

The following is an extract from the website’s “about us” pages.


We, AIDO are the Largest Independent Online Entertainment Retailer in the Middle East. Our focus is purely on the product and service we offer, that’s why we’ve named ourselves AIDO, “All I Do Online”.

AIDO’s main aim is offering you the easiest means in obtaining your desired product while providing you with a very fun, friendly and reliable experience. At AIDO.COM, you will find an extensive collection of Hollywood, Bollywood and Arabic and DVDs and Blu Rays, as well as kids’ entertainment, games, gadgets and books.

We are continually expanding our product range to provide you with the best in new releases as well as a greater selection to choose from. If you want to receive regular information about our latest releases or offers, simply register on our site. We PROMISE we won’t bombard you with Spam.

Don’t miss out on our special offers where you can receive top of the world entertainment at bargain prices! Make a purchase anytime, anywhere and we will deliver it right to your doorstep. Through partnering up with the top logistics companies across the Middle East, AIDO ensures timely delivery of all items ordered by you.

Feel free in sharing your thoughts on our products and services, as well as the experience you have on AIDO.COM.

So, why am I posting this website up on the blog? Well movies seem to be a universal desire. If you’re a guy, girl, or regardless of your race – you most probably enjoy watching movies. In the middle east we tend to have Pirated movies (yes those guys on the street or in Hawalli that come up to you constantly and ask if you want DVDs). I with the slow yet improving internet here in Kuwait, people are also downloading. I find though, it’s always nice to have your original dvds, especially for those movies and series you’re in love with.

However, I mainly recommend this site because it seems that in the near future their book list should be extremely large with many different varieties of books. I believe all men should read, and read extensively for that matter. Knowledge is power, and reading is the best source for knowledge.

Check it out by clicking this link. (CLICK HERE)

Best Regards,

– Kiru


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