Confessions of a Man

Confession: 2/28/2011

So welcome to the first post regarding this series. This is a place in which I will be confessing about issues in my daily life (could be romance or others). These posts are made for expression purposes and if you are going to do nothing but leave nasty comments, please divert your attention away from this post. I am writing these posts to give the regular readers a bit of my reality.

Well let’s get started with today’s first confession…

Okay, I didn’t really think how I’d start this off so I’m just going to get into it with a little bit of background on the situation and then just let loose my confession.

I have a tendency to hang around Starbucks, especially the one in which my good friend from high school lives near. I guess it’s become my regular Starbucks. Used to go there to study for exams in university,  go there after the gym, go there to kick back after work, I even go there when I’m bored and don’t have much to do – meet the guys and just chill for coffee. Oh, I even go there to read (which I don’t think many people do enough here in Kuwait, atleast per my obersation).

Anyways, Over the span of several months I met a very intriguing woman at that Starbucks. We had innocent conversation, and there was nothing else to it. I just felt intrigued seeing a foreign woman sitting by herself. Me being the over confident jackass decided to approach her.

Fast forward several months and I barely see the woman there anymore. It was funny though, over these several months – within days or even sometimes hours of her just popping into my head, I’d run into her at that Starbucks. After several meetings, it escalated into number exchanging and more hanging out time at this Starbucks.

Then it hit me.

I have a thing for intelligent and beautiful women. I’m not going to claim that I’m the most amazing goto guy when it comes to women but there was just something about this woman.

It’s driving me nuts, I find myself challenged in many conversations (which is actually something I have not faced with women since I am actually very intellectual). I see myself as a very intellectual and well rounded person considering a variety of topics. I do a lot of reading from politics, to science, to sports, to technology, to humor, to self help books to pretty much anything.

Here it goes, he’s the confession. I think I’ve met my match. She has challenged me mentally which I really haven’t had from any woman. It’s the first time I find myself barely surviving in conversations that regard opinionated or fact based discussion.

I always thought that I’d be very disappointed when this day came, but I’m finding it to be a major factor to the build of attraction with this woman.

No, I’m not confessing my love for her. Haha on the contrary, I am not in love. I am quite attracted. However, I’m a long ways away from even considering such an emotion. Especially since I’ve lost a lot of faith in that certain emotion, at least regarding myself.

I hope you guys understand that this post isn’t really anything special or something that can change my life. I just felt like sharing what was going on with me and hoping you all would enjoy a read. When we usually take advice from someone, we never realize that they’re human and usually run into the same problems they are advising you on. I do not want you all to think that, we’re all human and sometimes the best fall victim to these issues. I try to keep it all to just physical attraction but I can’t help just slightly havin’ some sort of emotional connection to the woman.

Weird huh? I usually just get the number and not follow through much afterwards (I’m someone who usually loves the thrill of the chase). However, she got me bad with this one and I just find myself more intrigued as the days go by to find out more about this woman.

Well anyways – this is kinda getting unorganized and silly, not used to sharing this information with people. However, have a good day.

Best Regards,

– Kiru


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