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Top 10 Band Women (rock/metal)


Only The Best of The Best

Alright gents. This is the MANTV top 10 list of hottest women to sing in a band (rock/metal). This list will be created upon the basis of looks, attitude, and talent/skill. Hope you guys enjoy the list.

(WARNING: viewing this blog post may result in excessive drooling and increase in heart rate).

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Ask Men’s Top 99 Women of 2011

Alright ladies and gents…

I'm still drooling...

It’s here and it’s quite controversial. Ask men have put out their top 99 women of 2011. It includes attractiveness to achievements and presence all in one. Let us know if you agree with their list. I think checking out all 99 would be too much of a hassle in one night. Most people check out the top 10. So let us know if you believe ASKMEN got it right this year or if they got it horribly wrong.

Click here to go to the top 99 women’s list.

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– Kiru

Celebs Sporting Their Teams

This post is dedicated to posting a few pictures of celebs wearing jerseys or merch in support of their teams.

Yes…it’s also a co-incidence that all of these celebs are females…and mouth watering…

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