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Humor: Annoying Orange in Saw

Hahaha… classic… Check out the two videos.



Haha…you gotta love the annoying orange!

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– Kiru


Men Vs. Women: In The Shower

This video does not contain nudity but possibly contains information that may be sensitive to younger viewers.

Holy smokes…I stumbled onto this video on youtube and I died of laughter. Hope you guys will see the humour in it too…

It’s basically a twisted comedic view which takes generalizations of men and women and shows you the difference in how they shower.

Brilliant piece of work.

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P.S. Self high five in the mirror gets 10 points, two thumbs up and a giddy giggle!

Chuck Norris on Family Guy

Priceless…truly priceless.
Chuck Norris never gets old.

Top Gear’s VW Advert

It’s an old one but mannnn, it’s a classic.

Check it out for a good laugh. God bless you topgear!

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– Kiru

Einstein Vs. Hawking – Rap Song

Found this last night whilst surfing on youtube. This is just priceless…

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– Kiru

Facebook: The Don’t Of Profile Pics

Just Don't Do It...

The following post lists what you should not do when taking a profile pic for your facebook profile

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