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Social Vibe: Donate To A Charity For Free!

Hey guys…

Alright, I’ve discovered a little something called “Social Vibe” here on wordpress. It’s a great idea and once I read about it I decided that I have to try even if it’s a failure. I know here at MANTV we get a lot of hits, but not so much of comments when compared to the hits. I do understand since this is a new blog and most people tend to just drop by here for information rather than participate in discussion I thought it would be a good idea to try and raise money for a charity. The best thing is you don’t even have to donate the money you just need to help out via a few clicks. HELPING FOR FREE BY SPARING ONLY A FEW MINUTES OF YOUR TIME.

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Men Vs. Women: Mid Life Crisis

So this debate has been going on forever. Are men truly superior to women, is it the other way around or are we equals?

Well in the most sexist possible way, men are just superior in every manner. At least, that’s how us men take a look at it.

In these posts we will take a look at topics regarding Men Vs. Women (Hereafter referred to as MVW). Today’s MVW takes a look at how men and women look at their mid-life crisis…

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Attire 101: Business


Look the Role

It is important to remember in the world of business (and life in general) is that you get treated the way you look. If you look like a power business man then you will get treated like one. If you look like an average blue collar worker, you will get treated like one. Guess what, if you look like an idiot then you will get treated like one. This Attire 101 article will focus on how to get your business look right, and how we believe a man should go about making his decisions on what to wear for business purposes.

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Review: Strictly Private by Baldessarini

As you may or may have not known, I like to have a wide variety of colognes. Several for the professional (business), several for casual (friends), several for personal (dates) and several for home. I tend to stick to one fragrance per occasional despite having several brands at home. Though I tend to stick with one for most of the time unless I feel like changing it up.

So I decided about a month ago to pick up fragrance by Baldessarini called Strictly Private for professional purposes and I must admit…

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Cigars in Kuwait


"The Greater Things In Life"

Cohiba - Flavour and Style all into one.

As you all know, I’m big on cigars. I love my full flavoured cigars and I don’t care if people around me can’t stand the smell. I’m constantly being told off at coffee shops or similar public places such as restaurants for the smell of my cigar. I’m not sorry but I’d like to justify it and give you guys some advice on cigar smoking/buying in Kuwait.

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