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Review: Strictly Private by Baldessarini

As you may or may have not known, I like to have a wide variety of colognes. Several for the professional (business), several for casual (friends), several for personal (dates) and several for home. I tend to stick to one fragrance per occasional despite having several brands at home. Though I tend to stick with one for most of the time unless I feel like changing it up.

So I decided about a month ago to pick up fragrance by Baldessarini called Strictly Private for professional purposes and I must admit…

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Cigars in Kuwait


"The Greater Things In Life"

Cohiba - Flavour and Style all into one.

As you all know, I’m big on cigars. I love my full flavoured cigars and I don’t care if people around me can’t stand the smell. I’m constantly being told off at coffee shops or similar public places such as restaurants for the smell of my cigar. I’m not sorry but I’d like to justify it and give you guys some advice on cigar smoking/buying in Kuwait.

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