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Men Vs. Women: In The Shower

This video does not contain nudity but possibly contains information that may be sensitive to younger viewers.

Holy smokes…I stumbled onto this video on youtube and I died of laughter. Hope you guys will see the humour in it too…

It’s basically a twisted comedic view which takes generalizations of men and women and shows you the difference in how they shower.

Brilliant piece of work.

Best Regards,


P.S. Self high five in the mirror gets 10 points, two thumbs up and a giddy giggle!


Men Vs. Women: Mid Life Crisis

So this debate has been going on forever. Are men truly superior to women, is it the other way around or are we equals?

Well in the most sexist possible way, men are just superior in every manner. At least, that’s how us men take a look at it.

In these posts we will take a look at topics regarding Men Vs. Women (Hereafter referred to as MVW). Today’s MVW takes a look at how men and women look at their mid-life crisis…

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