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NEDS – Non Educated Delinquents Trailer

The following video is the official trailer for the recently released movie NEDS (Non-Educated Delinquents). Looks like an awesome movie. To my understanding this movie has not hit Kuwait yet, but looks to be a very interesting oscar inspiring movie. (IMDB: States US release date – 20th April, 2011). Read the rest of this post to discover the synopsis and see the trailer.

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Great Film Moments: “Staving Off Obsolescence”

This is another great moment in the history of hollywood. Not many of you will actually know of this movie but this scene is absolutely brilliant, a definition of how an alpha-male can function and the best part is that he’s an average joe…just like you and I.

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Great Film Moments: “Fuggetaboutit”

One of my all time favourite moments in hollywood history…

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Movie Trailer: The Source Code

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“X-MEN: First Class” (NEW X-MEN MOVIE)


X-Men: First Class

This movie will take you back to the 1960’s before Wolverine, Cyclops and co were dominating the Mutant world. This story is based on Charles Xavier (Professor X) and Erik Lensherr (Magneto) before they were the dominant leaders of their crews.

Open this post to find the HD trailer…

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ManTV’s Top 10 Manliest Movies

Alright guys, we’ve sat down for hours and hours trying to brainstorm our top 10 manliest movies of all time. It was tough deciding between male dominated mafia movies and pure action movies. However, we’ve decided to settle for the following as our top 10 choices.


Only The Best of The Best

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