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Song of the Day

Song of the Day

Today’s song of the day is aimed at touching the soul. It is said that the best singer is that of a singing guitar. Today’s song of the day does just that. Click the link to follow through and find out today’s song of the day.

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Women 101: DHV

Demonstrating Higher Value

Gentlemen, this is a concept that both men and women use in the game of attraction. This post will be short and brief, it just explains the concept and will illuminate an example or two of when to use this technique.

Read on to discover the Demonstration of Higher Value (DHV).

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Event: Redbull Car Park Drift 2011 (Kuwait)


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Alright ladies and gents. So I did some searching online for recent upcoming events in Kuwait and this one seemed to be the killer! Red Bull (Kuwait) will be holding the second annual car park drift competition. This competition is pretty much a bunch of guys drifting off and showing their skills in a drift competition. If you’d like to find out more about this event, read the rest of this entry. (Hint: you’ll also find a video of last year’s event within this post)

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Optical Illusion: Bling Fling (“Magic” Trick)


Watch the Ring Jump Fingers

These days, pick-up lines and line openers are becoming more and more difficult for men to use. This is because alot of women are becoming more educated as they are constantly hit on. Especially, here it is difficult due to the circumstances to actually get up and talk to a woman without either her or the people around you making it awkward. To say that it is not impossible to do it without this awkward tension.

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