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Foot-o-shop-ball Jerseys

Alright ladies and gents. This is going to be the first of many I hope.

I am an avid Arsenal Football Club supporter, and admist our epic clash with Tottenham (that unfortunately ended all square at 3-3) I felt pumped and wanted to see more football. So naturally I flipped to el-classico in which Madrid beat Barcelons 1-0 in extra time via a goal from Ronaldo.

Honestly, El-Classico bored the living daylights out of me, so whilst barely watching that I decided to brush up on photoshop. Amongst the fake 2011-12 season jerseys out there, I decided to take it amongst myself to make my own 2011-12 jerseys in my own image.

Today’s Foot-o-shop-ball Jerseys will be what I think the new Arsenal and AC Milan jerseys should look like next season.

Click the link to check out the images. I warn you, you’ll either love em or hate em.

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Workout: GSP (George Saint Pierre) RUSHFIT



Ever wondered how hard it was to actually get your body looking like GSP? Ever had the desire to have an unrivaled beach body that wasn’t too big but wasn’t too small? So well defined that you could grate cheese on your abs? Well the answers on how to get your body looking like GSPs body is right here. Read the rest of the entry to view the RUSHFIT workout from GSP and read into the details.

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Event: Redbull Car Park Drift 2011 (Kuwait)


Click to enlarge image

Alright ladies and gents. So I did some searching online for recent upcoming events in Kuwait and this one seemed to be the killer! Red Bull (Kuwait) will be holding the second annual car park drift competition. This competition is pretty much a bunch of guys drifting off and showing their skills in a drift competition. If you’d like to find out more about this event, read the rest of this entry. (Hint: you’ll also find a video of last year’s event within this post)

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Champions League Review

The following blog post has the scorelines from the past two nights of champions legaue football along with information regarding which stadium the game was played in and who scored the goals.


UEFA Champions League

You will also find a  video link of the highlights under each game.

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NBA Playoffs are Closing In!



With the playoffs closing in, I’m curious to know who you guys support and who you guys think will take it? This year has been a very interesting year in the world of basketball and I can’t believe many of you guys have not been discussing basketball (then again, I live in Kuwait and it’s no where near the dominant sport – could be cause the games air at 5am lol).

So you may be thinking, who do I support and who do I think will win the playoffs?

Well you’ll be surprised…

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MotoGP 2011: First Round, Qatar Highlights

Check this video out to see the highlights of the first round of MotoGP at Losail, Qatar.


Top 10 for the round are as follows…

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UFC’s TUF 13: The Ultimate Fighter 13 – Team Lesnar Vs. Team Dos Santos


The Ultimate Fighter: Season 13

Team Lesnar Vs. Team Dos Santos

It’s back…and it’s bigger than ever.

Arguably the two biggest coaches to ever enter the Ultimate Fighter series.

Team Brock Lesnar takes on Team Junior Dos Santos…and it premiers tonight…

Read this post to find out more info such as what time and channel you can watch it on here in Kuwait…

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UFC 129: GSP Vs. Jake Shields

GSP Vs. Shields

Image Captured from


Alright guys, It’s just about a month away. Yes, UFC is here and what else can be manlier than two men slugging it out…grappling…sweaty…and submitting each other…

Okay, that didn’t sound too manly so let’s add in a lot of blood, knock outs, tapping out and sexy ring girls between rounds…ahhh that’s more like it!

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