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Twisted Metal Revival (PS3)



Twisted metal is coming back and is confirmed to be revived for the PS3 console. This has got me more than just excited. This game was and hopefully will still be the greatest car game ever. The brutality of destroying your enemies and racing around like a lunatic trying to get away from your enemies makes this game the perfect combination of chaos and tactic.

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Guitar Hero Vs. Real Guitar


You thought this game was tough?

Alright guys, so I actually did not start playing guitar hero until my friend bought it for me a year or so ago on my birthday. I gave it a shot and really did enjoy playing it (no matter how sad I felt standing there with a stupid plastic guitar hitting buttons).

Though I’m not sure some of you will want to read the rest of this post…

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PS3 Review: Crysis 2


Crytek produces well for PC, but does it do well on the PS3?

Ok…so you guys may or may not know that I’m a freak for the Call of Duty series and that because of the multiplayer issues I have been going crazy with the recent black ops. To be honest, I don’t think it’s my connection cause every other game works perfectly fine all the time and I’ve got a 1mb connection at home.

So I’ve been looking at purchasing another first person shooter to play multiplayer when my black ops multiplayer has lag issues.

The only reasonable option is Crysis 2…it only made sense…

Over here I’ll give you guys my first impressions of the game and link you guys to a video…

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NFSS2U: Need For Speed Shift 2 Unleashed (PS3)

Need for speed has always been a house hold game for consoles such as the Sony Playstations. I myself am a PS3 person (hate as much as you want XBOX and PC GAMERS) but I’m not sure that the PS3 release of Shift 2 Unleashed is the best racing game out there today. So let’s see how it fares with the benchmark PS3 racing game – GT5.


NFSS2U - Let's Burn Some F*ckin' Tires

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