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Women 101: DHV

Demonstrating Higher Value

Gentlemen, this is a concept that both men and women use in the game of attraction. This post will be short and brief, it just explains the concept and will illuminate an example or two of when to use this technique.

Read on to discover the Demonstration of Higher Value (DHV).

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Women 101: The Cube Game

The Cube

Alright ladies and gents, I’ve been e-mailed by a gentleman who asked the following question via e-mail:

I seem to have problems with keeping the conversation interesting. I’m tired of the same old questions such as how are you, how’s work, what you been up to and so on. I feel I need to be creative because there’s this girl I just met not too long ago and I want to impress her. I want her to know I’m intelligent but also not a nerd (basically that I’m a fun smart guy). Any tips on conversations?

– Anonymous

Well if you have the same problem as this gentleman then read on, this game is interesting especially with women you don’t know too personally and it should create a nice little spark.

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Great Film Moments: “Staving Off Obsolescence”

This is another great moment in the history of hollywood. Not many of you will actually know of this movie but this scene is absolutely brilliant, a definition of how an alpha-male can function and the best part is that he’s an average joe…just like you and I.

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Women 101: The Female Perspective

Gents, I’ve stumbled on to this video on youtube…

David DeAngelo, the author of “double your dating” and a great success in the world of male self help (regarding the world of dating). However, his work does not only help us men with women but in other aspects of life. His work is generally applicable to our every day lives (confidence/self-esteem, body language  etc…).


David DeAngelo - Double Your Dating

The video within this blog post is in my opinion vital advice for men struggling with women. It may answer alot of questions or issues that men didn’t even realize is wrong with “their game”. Continue reading to find out more and get access to this video.

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Women 101: The Mistake (Most) Women Hate

Taken from

Taken from

Alright guys, welcome to women 101. This is my first post and as always I’ll recommend that you guys take this as ADVICE but in NO WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM take this information or any other information on the blog as fact. I am speaking based on my life experience with women and what I have seen through experiences of my colleagues. I do believe what I write is very useful information but then again I must say all women are different and this is only my opinion.

Okay! Now that I got that out of the way let’s talk about a huge mistake I see a lot of guys (here in Kuwait especially) do when they’re socializing with women they first meet (or even friends that they have already made).

I like to call it the “timer” complex. I have come to naming it the “timer complex” due to several reasons which should be evident by the end of reading this post.

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