This blog may contain information that may be considered sensitive with regards to language or content. Adult images will not be placed on this website (such as pornography) – However, we cannot promise the limitation against recurring images of hot women materialized as trophy prizes. This blog has been created as a medium for men to discuss or express their own thoughts. The bloggers in this website are in no way responsible for people taking advice and finding out that it may or may not work. The consequences are purely to the person who attempts to use this advice. We would like you to exit this website if you are not at least 18 years of age. The bloggers of this blog are not responsible for people mis-using advice or information given on this website and that it is purely a blog for discussion, exchange of ideas, and entertainment.

All reviews are based upon experience with the product or whatever is being reviewed and is no way, shape or form a true interpretation of all of these products or the company. No slander is intended. Just a sharing of experience and thoughts. Therefore no company or person may hold a blogger from MANTV responsible for their thoughts on their goods or services.

Thank you for understanding…oh and there will be profanity, so if you don’t like that – you can leave the blog :).

If you do not not agree with the above terms, conditions, or information about how the website/blog is run, then please leave this website. Consider staying on this website as an agreement to the above terms. Again, if you do not like or agree with the aforementioned information and terms then please exit this blog/website.

(Please read this link to clear any further issues regarding the blog http://wp.me/p1sFB1-2p)

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